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RobotA child claims to have seen an elf at home

Daniel Hourtoulle, Pixabay,

While still a child, a girl named Susan repeatedly saw a terrifying leprechaun inside her home.

She told her story to her childhood friend. At the time, she lived in the western state of Pennsylvania. Her best friend posted this account on Reddit under the pseudonym "ExistentialDead14":

One morning she came into school and told me in a whisper that she had seen a leprechaun in the hallway of her room the night before. I could tell it scared her. I asked her if she’d ever seen it before, and she said she had. She said she’d heard rustling noises out in the hallway, and gotten out of her bed to peek around the corner. In the corner of the hall she saw a small man approximately two feet tall in dirty clothes with red hair. She froze with fear, then she said the man disappeared. She said she’d seen him before out of the corner of her eye moving in the hallway, at all hours of the day. I remember her clear as day saying to me that it did NOT look like the leprechaun on the Lucky Charms box.

Being an amateur paranormal investigator even at nine, I asked her to draw me a picture. I still have the picture somewhere at my parents. She drew a small man with red hair standing in her hallway. She believed she saw the leprechaun one more time then she told me she never saw it again. It should be noted too that Susan was not asleep or in her bed the times she thought she saw the leprechaun. She would see it out in the hallway or out of the corner or her eye while she was upstairs. I believe too she only saw it over a six-month period. A lot of strange things happened at her house and I know she believed what she saw, and wasn’t just “making up stories.

The young woman who reported this story had already published the story of a policeman named Mike who ran over a leprechaun while he was on patrol. Now, she has decided to investigate these mysterious and folkloric beings. She thinks that this creature was not a leprechaun but a "tommy knocker". She explains:

Now that I’m older and do paranormal investigation myself, I believe that what Mike and Susan both saw are what are called Tommy Knockers. Tommy Knockers are leprechaun-like creatures believed by immigrant coal miners to live in the mines and move tools and such things. This being western Pennsylvania, each location where the leprechaun was seen was above or near a coal mine. They are often described as dirty, scraggly, sharp featured looking little men with reddish hair. I cannot express how sincere both of them were to me when telling me their stories. I personally know two people who claim to have seen a leprechaun, and are very sincere in their beliefs of having seen a leprechaun; also, the stories are very believable. I personally believe they’ve seen Tommy Knockers, which is sort of the “USA” version of a leprechaun.


Cryptozoology - 6 décembre 2020 - Rael2012 - CC-BY 3.0

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