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RobotMan says he met a vampire at a protest

Мария Арсеньева, Pixabay,

In 2011, a political activist was participating in a protest in a city in the United States. He met a strange person ...

This person claimed to be a vampire, able to feed on the life energy of his victims. The activist, known as ‘Lus’ explains:

We camped in a downtown square for about 4 months, throughout this period a lot of people came in and out, and by the second month I had to travel to another city where my parents were living for a week, when I came back to the occupation there was a guy living there that arrived exactly when I left, he somehow already had some respect from the other people in a very short period of time.. He was tall, blond, long hair, a bit hippie, had a profound voice that implied self confidence, he had by some means a strange aura. But ok, no big deal, seemed like a cool guy after a while. With time he became my friend and we end up having long conversations about pretty much everything that interested me and vice versa, like occultism, magick, ufos, etc, until he brought up the vampirism subject, which I was not familiar with at the time, he explained me some stuff like, that the vampires were actually ‘normal’ people that could manage their own life force, and apparently they have been misinterpreted since always, and he told me that there are some secret vampire groups, small ones, that preserved the rituals, there was no blood sucking thing going on as he said that the blood was an analogy to life force, they were not actually sucking it from people. But they could indeed suck somebody’s life force, but more important he said was to know how to use your own. The conversation finished there, the whole thing seemed interesting to me and after a while we went to sleep.

Some days later here’s what happened. My house was quite close to the occupation and once in a while some of my friends would often ask me to use my bathroom to have a shower, and then this guy asked me the same, I said yes, no problem at all. Everything went fine, the guy had his shower and when we were walking back to the occupation he brought up the subject about vampirism again, this time he was wearing an anonymous plastic mask, which completely covered his face. He starts to explain me how one can control his own life force inside the dreams, and how would that affect the actual material body, meanwhile he is explaining me that, i see his jaw making a strange movement, as if there was something stuck between his teeth and he was trying to clean it. When he finishes the explanation, he calls me by my name and raises the mask slightly so I can take a look at his mouth, and then I saw this huge canine tooth, he pulls down the mask. I didn’t know how to react, so I just remained calm and I asked him what was that for if they didn’t actually suck blood from other people, and he told me it worked out as sort of antenna to capture different vibrations, and he managed to “construct” it by molding his life force into that shape inside his dreams. And he asked me if I would be interested to do the same. I told him that it sounded interesting, and he just let me think about it. We arrived at the occupation as if nothing had happened. I didn’t see any strange movements by his hands trying to insert a fake tooth in his mouth, or trying to remove it after. The sensation I got was that he pulled the tooth out by a jaw movement. The whole thing was just very strange to digest. I didn’t know what to do, so I called my friend and he just said that the whole story sounded too crazy to be believable… We still livid together in the occupation for a while but I never brought up the subject again, the guy totally noticed my attempt to avoid it so he didn’t push me either. There was another strange fact after a while: Once, he was shirtless and crouched organizing some stuff inside his tent, and the muscles on his back formed the shape of a winged dragon. It was incredibly similar, another girl that was at the occasion witnessed it and freaked out a bit.


Cryptozoology - 16 janvier 2021 - Rael2012 - CC-BY 3.0

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