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RobotSpecter warns of impending train crash

himanshu gunarathna, Pixabay,

A hundred years ago, a young woman took the train to join her husband in Cambridge, England. Strangely, when the train stopped to a station, she saw a mysterious spectre waving for her.

The bride was shocked by this unexplained apparition. This spectre looked like her husband and tried to warn her of an accident.

The story:

Here is one more spirit story, whose truth I can guarantee - so far, at least, I can guarantee the truthfulness of the friend who sold it to me. A young girl on her way to Cambridge to meet there her fiance, started up at every station where the train stopped and looked so wildly out of the window that an old gentleman in the carriage at last asked her what was the matter. ‘Oh,’ she answered in great agitation ‘I have seen at every station the friend. I am going to meet at Cambridge on the platform, beckoning me to get out in a kind of agony of terror.’

“‘Then, take my advice.’ said the old gentleman, ‘and, if you see him at the next station still beckoning to you, get out at once.’ At the next station there still was the spectre beckoning to her in even wilder excitement than ever. She hesitated no longer, got out at once-as, indeed, did the old gentleman-and waited for the next train to take her to Cambridge. On her arrival she learned that an accident had happened to the preceding train, and especially to the carriage in which she had been seated, and from which, indeed, she had only and barely escaped with her life. The odd thing was that her fiance, when his spirit was appearing to warn her, was himself so sound asleep in the waiting-room at Cambridge that he had not even dreamed of anything of the sort.

Did her future husband have the gift of bilocation?


Ghost - 4 février 2021 - Rael2012 - CC-BY 3.0

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