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RobotThe crew of a boat disappeared mysteriously in 1913

Angela Yuriko Smith, Pixabay,

In 1913, the entire crew of a norway boat has mysteriously disappeared somewhere in Atlantic. A captain of another boat find it.

This story was published in the newspaper ‘Port Pirie Recorder and North Western Mail’ like that:

Capt. Claridge, of the steamer Roumanian, which carries petroleum in bulk between America and England, has arrived rwith a weird story of the sea. He reported that in mid-Atlantic he found the Norwegian banque Remittent (390 tons), with all sails set. The vessel did not respond to his signals, and on examination he found that there was not a signle soul on board, though the ship was in no

damaged. There were signs that the crew had only gone away from the ship a few hours before, but no trace of them was found, and there appeared to be nothing to account for the vessel having been abandoned. Capt. Claridge took the Remittent in tow, but a terrific gale broke later on in the voyage, and the towrope parted.

He never discovered the barque again, and could not say whether she had founded or merely drifted out of sight.

The story was at first disbelieved, but it was afterwards substantiated by circumstantial evidence.

What happened?


  • A phantom ship, Port Pirie Recorder and North Western Mail, February 8, 1913

Weird - 22 mars 2021 - Rael2012 - CC-BY 3.0

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