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RobotScientist claims aliens came to Earth

Reimund Bertrams, Pixabay,

Dr. Robert Sarbacher was an American inventor and physicist. He worked for many years for the research department of the Ministry of Defense. When he was younger, he was a pupil of the father of modern physics, Albert Einstein. Nevertheless, he is known for his controversial statements.

In 1983, he claimed that the United States had, in its possession, UFO wrecks but also extraterrestrial bodies recovered from crashes. That same year, researcher Bill Steinman decided to ask him about it and what he knew about a 1948 UFO crash in New Mexico.

Mr. Sarbacher made him some incredible revelations:

Regarding the verification of the involvement of the individuals you listed, I can only say the following: John von Neumann was definitely involved. Dr. Vannevar Bush was definitely involved, and I think that Dr. Robert Oppenheimer was also involved in the alien technology program.

I did get some official reports when I was at my office at the Pentagon, but they all stayed there as we never had to take them out of the office.

I know that some of the materials reported to have come from the crash of flying saucers were extremely lightweight and very powerful. I am sure that our laboratories have analyzed them very carefully.

There were reports that the creatures flying these aircraft were also very light to withstand tremendous deceleration and acceleration.

I remember how, in a conversation with some people in the office, I got the impression that these aliens were similar in their parameters to insects, while due to the small mass of these creatures, the inertial forces involved in the operation of these aircraft did not affect these pilots in any negative way.

I still do not know why a high degree of secrecy was given and why denying the existence of these devices became the main goal of the state.



Alien - 28 mars 2021 - Rael2012 - CC-BY 3.0

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