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RobotVampires invite themselves to a party in Eastern Europe

Alessandro Macis, Pixabay,

A young woman, living in Eastern Europe, had gone to a party with some friends. At the end of the night, strange people she did not know offered to take her home.

These men had an unusual appearence. They had white skin, almost cadaveric. The young woman was frightened by his sharp eyes. According to Brent Swancer, a cryptozoologist living in Japan, these persons were not humans but vampires looking for foods.

The witness claims:

A man that was outside walks in the house with two more guys and it caught my attention. He had a medium brown/darkish hair, slim with loose clothes ,very common looking actually but that wasn’t the thing that caught my attention. When he entered the house I just had a strong feeling coming from him that I cannot describe that well. He looked at me, he had dark-brown glassy eyes ,didn’t said anything but then he started to move around and like nobody was noticing him, even the two guys that went with him and that’s when I realized his movements were so … unnatural or weird ,like as he was going further it seem like he was going backwards , his arms were behind his body as he moved . The feeling I had was not fear though, like you would be scarred of the unknown like ghosts, demons, the dark, a horror movie etc, this was a feeling I had a few times when someone died or saw something very graphic and gore related ..kind of the same feeling and my brain just rewired in a way like you suffered a real psychological trauma , I swear I could feel it in my brain , it was the same feeling I had when I watched someone years ago falling off the stairs with blood running from his ears, it was not fear but like the brain rewiring itself somehow”.

He looked at me intensely which seem at that time a very long period and I couldn’t move, I now remember opening my mouth halfway and just staring back at him, eyes wide open and fixating my vision at him but didn’t wanted to make contact with his eyes. Subconsciously, I think I told myself not to look for some reason. He never spoke a word or someone else engaging him .. he went straight for the door after making these rounds inside the house and for a second, he stood under the door entrance and turned his head again to look at me, he was pale white and, in a way, evoked the same feeling in me as before. He left. I tried to gather and tell myself that there was nothing wrong, nothing wrong at all in all this and left my friend’s house for home.

I forgot about the whole thing while outside was freezing and me walking in the snow, feeling sleepy and tired until I saw him again near a closed travel agency building, he was ahead of me leaning against the glass walls. He didn’t seem to notice me but I knew then that it was him! I switched sides on the sidewalk to get some distance and with one eye looking over in his direction. He noticed me halfway and smiled shortly. couldn’t see his face better because of the snow and distance but I noticed his mouth was deep red, almost bloody . I picked up the pace, worrying that he might follow but he stood his ground, and shortly after we were out of range and on my way home. I am sure now more than ever this was not a human, I sensed he wasn’t human from the first moment.


Cryptozoology - 5 avril 2021 - Rael2012 - CC-BY 3.0

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