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RobotNDE - Woman recounts her experience in the afterlife

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A woman named Shia recounted having a near-death experience following a heart attack.

She said that in the Hereafter our soul joins an infinite power, a being much greater than everything. In this other world, all of our worries and problems are gone forever.

Shia recounted her incredible experience on the NDERF website:

I was awake but without a body. I felt weightless. Although I didn't have my physical eyes, I could see.

I had no worries, questions, or thoughts. I was in a dark place, like a void where time seems frozen.

Oddly, it seemed full of life. My view was a bit grainy, like static on a TV, but it was black. I had 360-degree view of everything.

For the first time, I could see clearly and far away without my glasses. It felt as if I was only a grain of sand in the infinite amount of grains that made up the 'void.'

I felt as if each grain had consciousness. I understood what oneness was because I was a part of it, even if just for just that moment.

I wasn’t scared; in fact, I felt more peaceful and calm than ever. I was just taking it all in.

I should be terrified of this unknown and have a million questions running through my mind, but I didn't.


Thanatology - 27 juillet 2021 - Rael2012 - CC-BY 3.0

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