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RobotHe sees the corpse of a man moving on its own ...

soumen82hazra, Pixabay,

A person who worked one night in the morgue was trying to reconstruct the body of a man who died in a car accident. Suddenly he saw that corpse's forearm move several times. Did the dead man want to send him a message?

The witness told her story on Reddit:

At times your imagination goes wild, especially if this is your first year working at a morgue and here is my experience. Sure just like any other person I enjoy horror movies, but I never thought of them as being ‘real’ especially when it comes to the supernatural.

There had been a big accident somewhere nearby (I live in a small town) and it was 3rd month working there, so being one of the newbies I had to show I was able to do this. It was a pileup, and there were several bodies at once in the morgue.

Since some of them came in as ‘pieces,’ and we had to put them back together like a puzzle. I don’t want to get morbid so I will skip this part. After a long while of trying to figure things out, some of the other guys decided to go to break. I decided to stay since I really didn’t know them.

I kept working and I actually thought I saw a forearm with a tattoo move a little bit. I thought to myself that it was my imagination so I kept working. Next thing I know I saw it move again, I decided to hell with it and kept looking at it but nothing happened.

I actually felt silly. I saw it move for a third time and this time it REALLY did move, right there in front of my eyes, but how can this be possible? My co-workers busted thru the doors and I didn’t say anything. Some time later, one of them approached me and told me “Hey man, you got it wrong.”

I got what wrong?” “That piece, that arm it doesn’t belong to that body.” “Huh?” “See this forearm goes over there, it belongs to that body.” I had actually made the mistake of misplacing the parts and I guess (I know it’s silly to say) maybe the arm was trying to tell me something?


Ghost - 23 août 2021 - Rael2012 - CC-BY 3.0

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