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RobotAntwerp owes its name to a one-handed giant

FlickrLickr, CC BY 2.0,

The Flemish city of Antwerp, located in Belgium, is known for its rich historical heritage, bustling port, and remarkable architecture. But do you know where the name Antwerp comes from? According to an ancient legend, the city owes its name to a one-handed giant.

The story dates back to the medieval era when the region was inhabited by legendary giants. Among them, there was a powerful giant named Antigoon, who ruled over the banks of the Scheldt, the river that runs through the city. Antigoon was known for demanding a high toll from anyone wanting to cross the river.

According to the legend, Antigoon was ruthless and cruel to those who refused to pay the toll. If someone refused to give him the requested money, he would cut off their hand and throw it into the Scheldt. This created an atmosphere of fear and oppression among the inhabitants of the region.

One day, a brave young soldier named Silvius Brabo decided to put an end to Antigoon's actions. He fought against the giant and eventually killed him. To avenge the victims and put an end to his tyrannical rule, Brabo cut off Antigoon's hand and threw it into the river.

Brabo's heroic act earned the admiration of the region's inhabitants, who decided to rename the city in his honor. "Hand werpen," which means "hand throwing" in Dutch, transformed into "Antwerpen," and then into "Antwerp" in English.

Thus, Antwerp derives its name from this fascinating legend and the courageous act of Silvius Brabo. The severed hand of Antigoon has become an iconic symbol of the city, depicted in numerous statues and sculptures throughout Antwerp.

Although the story is legendary, it has left an indelible mark on Antwerp's identity. Today, the city continues to celebrate its past by organizing festivals, parades, and events showcasing the legend of the one-handed giant.

The legend of Antigoon and Silvius Brabo reminds the inhabitants and visitors of Antwerp of the importance of courage, resistance, and justice. It adds a fascinating dimension to the city, imbuing it with an aura of mystery and grandeur.

So, on your next visit to Antwerp, don't forget to look for references to this legendary tale and appreciate the rich history that has shaped this magnificent Belgian city.


Mythology - 25 juin 2023 - Rael2012 - CC BY 2.5 - Voir l'historique

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