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RobotSaint Anthony met a mysterious being in a desert in Egypt

Piero di Cosimo, Public domain

Antony the Great (251-356) was a Christian monk born in Egypt. He is now considered as the Father of all Monks. One day, while he walked alone in a desert, he met a mysterious creature…

This incredible story was reported by Saint Jérôme as follows:

So Antony, astonished, and thinking over what he had seen, goes forward. Soon afterwards, he sees in a stony valley a short manikin, with crooked nose and brow rough with horns, whose lower parts ended in goat’s feet. Undismayed by this spectacle likewise, Antony seized, like a good warrior, the shield of faith and habergeon of hope; the animal, however, was bringing him dates, as food for his journey, and a pledge of peace. When he saw that, Antony pushed on, and, asking him who he was, was answered, “I am a mortal, and one of the inhabitants of the desert, whom the Gentiles, deluded by various errors, worship by the name of Fauns, Satyrs, and Incubi. I come as ambassador from our herd, that thou mayest pray for us to the common God, who, we know, has come for the salvation of the world, and his sound is gone out into all lands.” As he spoke thus, the aged wayfarer bedewed his face plenteously with tears, which the greatness of his joy had poured forth as signs of his heart. For he rejoiced at the glory of Christ, and the destruction of Satan; and, wondering at the same time that he could understand the creature’s speech, he smote on the ground with his staff, and said, “Woe to thee, Alexandria, who worshippest portents instead of God! Woe to thee, harlot city, into which all the demons of the world have flowed together! What wilt thou say now? Beasts talk of Christ, and thou worshippest portents instead of God.” He had hardly finished his words, when the swift beast fled away as upon wings. Lest this should move a scruple in any one on account of its incredibility, it was corroborated, in the reign of Constantine, by the testimony of the whole world. For a man of that kind, being led alive to Alexandria, afforded a great spectacle to the people; and afterwards the lifeless carcase, being salted lest it should decay in the summer heat, was brought to Antioch, to be seen by the Emperor.

In this book entitled, “Passport to Magonia: From Folklore to Flying Saucers”, the french ufologist and scientist Jacques Vallée thinks that this weird creature came from another planet. In fact, if it was a angel or a devil, Saint Antony would have recognized it. So, what it was? An alien or this story is just legend?


  • The life of Saint Paul, the first hermit, Saint Jérôme

Alien - 12 décembre 2020 - Rael2012 - CC-BY 3.0

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