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RobotA vampire terrifies inhabitant in a Romanian village

Etienne Marais, Pixabay,

In Romanian mythology, Strigoi are troubled spirits who risen from the grave. These terrifying creatures are links with modern vampirism. Some people claim to have seen real strigoi or have been attacked by them.

On Reddit, an user known as ‘szyly’ said that his great grandmother was confronted with strigoi while she was young. Here is the story:

Romanians believe that vampires exist. We call them strigoi. “The ones who scream” that’s the translation of the word. Strigoi are evil spirits that come at night to torment people by calling out their names. Strigoi are thirsty for blood just as vampires. They can come in human or animal form. Strigoi are completely free on the Saint Andrew’s Night. 30th of November to be exact. Our type of Halloween. My Great grandmother told my mom that she heard a strigoi calling out her name. She said that it was very important to remain silent otherwise bad things could happen. They have the power to cause health issues to the people who respond to their calling.

When my mom was a child the whole community along with the priest went to the cemetery to kill a vampire. A man from the village died. He was a sinner or so everyone said. His family started to experience weird stuff. They would hear him calling out their names. Soon all the members of the family fell ill. That’s how they decided that their relative was a “strigoi”. My mother remembers that they used a wood stake to kill that creature. She remembers some noises coming from the grave. My great grandmother was there too. She said that the man looked like he was sleeping even though there were 6 months since he was deceased.

Vampires have been popularized by the Irish author Bram Stoker and his horror novel Dracula. Yet, underlying that old legend is some truth…


Cryptozoology - 27 décembre 2020 - Rael2012 - CC-BY 3.0

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